Large Caribbean Hammock Chair ORANGE

Escape to island time in your own backyard with the ultimate relaxation haven: the Large Caribbean Hammock Chair.

Ah, the embrace of the Caribbean Hammock Chair. Not a mere sling, but a woven haven, a canvas of comfort stretched under a sky of endless possibility. Imagine a throne spun from air, cradling you in its cocoon of soft rope. exhale the day's cares, and let the world shrink to the gentle rhythm of your beating heart. For within this woven sanctuary, you are king, queen, or simply a soul set free to dream.

Hand-woven with luxuriously soft, weather-proof polyester cords, this hammock chair surpasses the comfort of basic hammocks. Generously sized at 47 inches wide, it cradles you with ample shoulder room and an oversized seat that melts your stress away. Plus, an extra-long, built-in footrest (6.5ft!) lets you fully stretch out and bask in the sun.

Crafted with premium materials and built to last, this hammock chair isn't just comfortable, it's the most inviting seat in the house. Choose from over 13 vibrant colors to match your style and transform any space into a serene oasis.

Unwind in paradise with these key features:

    • Ultra-soft, durable polyester cords for year-round comfort
    • Spacious 47" width with plenty of room to relax
    • Unwind from head to toe with the 6.5ft built-in footrest
    • Sturdy 47" wooden spreader bar with protective marine varnish
    • Effortless hanging from a single suspension point
    • Removable seat for easy cleaning
    • Supports up to 275lbs

Don't wait to elevate your relaxation game. Order your Caribbean Hammock Chair today and let the good times swing i

Pro Tip :-  upgrade your ride with our spring swivel suspension kit, think of it as adding plush, cloud-like suspension to your hammock chair. Each gentle movement becomes a smooth, gliding experience, leaving you feeling weightless and pampered.


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The Large Caribbean Hammock Chair has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The wood spreader bar is 48 inches wide providing ample shoulder room and a spacious feeling. The material in the seat will stretch out to almost 7 feet long making it large enough to be comfortable for just about any one person.


The secret to the unsurpassed comfort of the Large Caribbean Hammock Chair is our micro-weave bed. We use over ten times as much cord as a typical rope hammock chair, spreading your weight over a much larger surface area. The micro-weave will stretch and flex around you, making a perfect pocket of comfort and also opening up for air circulation.


Each Large Caribbean Hammock Chair is a work of art, lovingly hand woven, taking about 10 hours to complete. Our all-woman workforce has years of experience and knows exactly how to make a perfectly balanced hammock chair.


We use soft-spun polyester cords, tropical hardwood spreader bars coated with marine varnish, and zinc-plated hardware to make our hammocks weatherproof so you can leave them outdoors for the entire hammock season. Please store indoors for wintertime.

Product Details

Bed Length: 6.5 Ft
Bed Width: 4 Ft
Length of Bar: 4 Ft
Number of Suspension Cords: 88
Required minimum Height: 8.5 Ft
Carrying capacity: 300 lbs
Material: SOFT SPUN Polyester


Hanging the Large Caribbean Hammock Chair is very easy. All you need is a sturdy hanging point 8.5 feet high or higher. We have a couple of suspension kits that will assist you, If you are hanging from a ceiling joist or dimensional lumber we highly recommend our spring swivel kit, or if you are hanging from a tree branch it could be as simple as a length of rope and a 3 inch s-hook. Its easy but if you have doubts of concerns give us a call on 305-293-0008 and we can talk you through it.



Look for a strong, healthy branch 8.5 feet or higher from the ground. Get some braided nylon rope and a 3-inch s-hook from a hardware store. We have a video here.


Jumbo Caribbean Hammock Chairs are perfect for relaxing on porches. Find a 2 x 4 beam in the ceiling, and then use one of our handy hammock chair suspension kits to hang your chair. We HIGHLY recommend you use our Hammock Chair Spring Swivel Kit as it has proven to be the absolute best way to hang any hammock chair.


Nothing beats a Jumbo Caribbean Hammock Chair for hanging out under the Gazebo. Find a 2 x 4 beam in the ceiling, and then use one of our handy hammock chair suspension kits to hang your chair. We HIGHLY recommend you use our Hammock Chair Spring Swivel Kit, which has proven to be the absolute best way to hang any hammock chair. Alternatively, just throw a rope up over a beam and hang it that way.


Find a 2 x 4 beam in the ceiling, and then use one of our handy hammock chair suspension kits to hang your chair. We HIGHLY recommend you use our Hammock Chair Spring Swivel Kit, which has proven to be the absolute best way to hang any hammock chair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
Nichole Lloyd
Wow. Heavenly.

The other reviews about this product are all accurate! Wow. This hammock chair is large enough for the largest person, cozy, soft, cool, and beautifully made. You can pull the material out to have a footrest, or not. I hung it in my backyard from a tree and the chipmunks are eying me enviously. I hope it lasts through weather etc. As others have said, it hangs low so hang it high. Very happy with this purchase.

Josephine Francis

This hammock is great! I had a blue one for 8 years. The only reason I bought this one was because we moved and I left it behind. This hammock is super soft, very comfortable, overall good quality. Definitely recommend.

Neal Martin
Pure peaceful pleasure!

This hammock swing is great quality and super soft! Great size that I can stretch out in and even take a nap! I am 5’7” and 250lbs and this swing is roomy enough for me to be extremely comfortable! A perfect addition to my backyard!!!

Nora Thornton
Love it!

Easy to install. Very comfortable. Very chic. Well worth the money. Mine is outside and dries quickly after a rain.

Jessica Lewis
My Happy Place!

I love this chair! Plenty of stretch to get comfy and cozy, either with legs under me or out front. I’ve spent so many hours relaxing in this chair and eaten many meals in it. The brown color matches the trees perfectly which is what I wanted. I’m buying a second one so I don’t have to move this one between good spots.

Alice Gibson
This will be the best purchase you’ll ever make! Don’t waste anymore time and buy these TODAY! :)

I have had the white swings now for FOUR YEARS. Four! I still consider them my best purchase ever. I live in SW Florida so we have very humid and hard weather. I never thought these would last even 2 years. Here I sit, swinging, writing this review. The hammocks are easy to wash by hand and don’t lose their shape or stretch over time. I’ve had people in lower 300 lbs swing away without any concerns. They stretch out so you can lie completely down or sit Indian style.. whatever your jam.
Easy to put up or take down. Trying to find a place to add a swing inside.


Wilma Jones
Enjoyed this so much.

No complaints on this product, though it looks rough now after several years of heavy use. It is still going strong. Tolerated machine washing as well. When the product is available again I will order a replacement.

Lloyd Bell
fantastic swing

so comfortable and a great value. i live in the midwest and this hammock swing has been in my yard for 4 years and it is still like new. i plan to order a second one, highly recommend

Floyd Bryant
Comfortable hammock!!

I LOVED this hammock! It was so sturdy and enjoyable! My husband bought it for me but he was in as much as I was so he loved it too!! It hung form tree and didn’t fade in color or anything!!!!