Double Kooala Chair with Footrest

Double the Coziness, Double the Joy: Introducing the Double Kooala Chair.

Imagine this: swaying gently in the breeze, suspended in a spacious hammock haven built for two. Sunlight dappling through the leaves as you share laughter and whispered secrets with a loved one. This isn't just a daydream; it's an invitation to unwind together in the Double Kooala Chair.

Crafted for Connection:

This ingenious hammock chair isn't just wider than its single counterpart; it's designed with intimacy in mind. The 52-inch width provides ample room to snuggle in, sprawl out, or simply rest side-by-side, feeling the gentle rocking rhythm together.

Supportive Serenity:

Woven with plush, hand-selected polyester rope, the Double Kooala Chair cradles you both in supportive comfort. The steam-bent eucalyptus wood frame adds a touch of rustic elegance, while the adjustable footrest ensures everyone finds their perfect lounging position.

Built for Sharing:

This isn't just a chair; it's an experience. Whether you're enjoying a quiet conversation, reading aloud to each other, or simply soaking in the scenery, the Double Kooala Chair amplifies the connection. It's a cozy haven for couples, parents and children, or even close friends seeking a unique way to unwind together.

Effortless Relaxation:

The Double Kooala Chair comes ready to hang, with all the necessary hardware and ropes included. Simply find the perfect spot, secure it to a sturdy beam or branch, and drift away into shared serenity. Don't miss out on the ultimate upgrade! Add the double Spring kit for smoother, more enjoyable relaxation.

More than just furniture, the Double Kooala Chair is an invitation to create lasting memories, one gentle swing at a time.


    • Effortless Comfort: Fully adjustable angle and height for your perfect relaxation position.
    • Adaptable Footrest: Freely adjusts to any leg length for complete leg support.
    • Spacious Design: 52 inches wide for ample shoulder room for two
    • Ready to Hang: Includes hanging hardware and ropes for easy setup.
    • Plush Pillows: Four included pillows for added comfort and headrest.
    • Durable Construction: Steam-bent wood frame and strong polyester rope for lasting enjoyment.
    • Stainless Steel Rings: Premium hardware for secure suspension.

Elevate your togetherness. The Double Kooala Chair isn't just furniture, it's an invitation to create lasting memories, one gentle swing at a time. Order yours today!


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Share your comfort with the Double Kooala Chair. This versatile swing boasts two independent seats that combined are 52-inches wide, spacious enough for two to relax, plus an adjustable footrest that extends to fit any leg length. Supporting up to 500 lbs, the Double Kooala Chair welcomes everyone to kick back, relax and enjoy.


The frame on the Double Kooala chair is handmade from steam-bent Eucalyptus wood. Selected for its natural oils and durability in the elements.


Experience the iconic comfort of the double latch weave with the Double Kooala Chair. Two independent seats woven from Interlocking ropes pulled snugly, forming the hammock's signature knotless design and creating a supportive, hammock-like surface. Lean back and let the tension melt your stress away.


From eucalyptus wood to its polyester embrace, the Double Kooala Chair is a love letter to slow living. Each frame is steam-bent and hand-sanded to a soft, shimmering luster, a testament to the art of human hands. Then, select polyester ropes are double-latch woven by hand, creating a bed that's as captivating to the eye as it is inviting to the body.


Sun, rain, or whatever your weather brings, the Double Kooala Chair takes it all in stride. Stainless steel o-rings, naturally weather-resistant eucalyptus wood, and robust polyester ropes make this chair a haven of relaxation, come rain or shine. But even Mother Nature needs a break sometimes. So, if hurricane season rolls around, the lightweight and compact design makes unhooking and stowing a breeze.

Product Details

Bed width: 52 Inches
Bed Length: 48 Inches
Required minimum Height: 8 Feet
Carrying capacity: 500 lbs
Material: Eucalyptus Wood / Soft Spun Polyester Rope


The Double Kooala Chair comes fully assembled and ready to hang, the box includes the hardware required to mount it on a 2x4 joist or larger. The height required is 6.5 feet or more. All you have to supply is the drill, stepladder, and a small amount of willpower.



Simply toss a couple of ropes over the tree branch and use a 3 inch s-hook to hang the chair from the rope.


The porch is the most common location to hang a Double Kooala Chair. Just look for a ceiling joist that is 2x4 or larger. Use the supplied hardware to mount the chair. All you will need to supply is the stepladder and the drill.


Without a doubt an Arbor is an excellent location to hang a Double Kooala Chair. Simply use the supplied hardware to mount the chair on a 2x4 or larger joist. You will require a stepladder and a drill.

Swing Stand

The Double Kooala Chair is easy to hang inside your house. Simply locate a ceiling joist and use a drill and the supplied mounting hardware to complete the job. You will need a stud finder, a step ladder, and a drill.