The Key West Hammock Shop is based in beautiful Key West, Florida at 719 Duval St. We have been selling the finest hammocks, and hammock furniture to our retail and wholesale customers for over twenty years.
Since our very humble beginnings on the sidewalk of Duval Street, our company mission has been to offer the worlds most comfortable hammocks.
Blessed with year round hammock weather and time on my hands I searched the world and studied what qualities make a truly great hammock.
I found the most comfortable hammocks in the Islands of the Caribbean and the counties of Central America. These handcrafted works of art far surpassed the comfort of the typical rope hammocks or quilted hammocks that you might find in your local hardware store. The only problem was that these indigenous hammocks were mostly woven from natural materials such as cotton, they were delicate and did not last much time exposed to the elements.
I worked with a polyester manufacturer to make the perfect hammock material, soft, breathable and flexible like cotton but with the superior strength and weather resistants of polyester.
soft spun polyester
This durable soft spun polyester cord is distributed to the homes of over fifty women artisans. Over the course of many days they skillfully hand weave each hammock.
These new ' Caribbean Hammocks ' became an instant hit. And it is a testament to their comfort and quality that they have stood the test of time. We are still here in Key West servicing our new and repeat customers and I invite you to the hammock shop on Duval street to try one for yourself.
Back in the day before E-commerce the only way to get your hands on one of these amazing hammocks was to drive down to Key West and get one. Luckily now with the internet we offer the same premium quality hammocks we have in the store here online. 
Let us ship a little Key West style relaxation to you !