Jumbo Caribbean Hammock Rainbow and Wood Arc Hammock Stand


Make a bold statement with the extremely stylish Jumbo Caribbean Hammock in Rainbow and Wood Arc Hammock Stand.

Hands down the Jumbo Caribbean Hammock is one of the most comfortable hammocks around. Take a closer look at the intricate and close weave in the bed, they are skillfully hand woven over a number of days to give the perfect amount of stretch, flex and support. Unlike an old Rope Hammock It is baby soft on the skin so you will not feel thick ropes pushing against you or exit the hammock with rope marks on your body. As importantly we select one hundred percent polyester cords so you can be assured good longevity outdoors even in the harshest elements. With its jumbo dimensions and the large weight capacity you will find it roomy and luxurious for one, spacious for two or capable of holding the whole family.

The classic Wood Arc Hammock Stand is crafted from steam bent Siberian Larch Wood, it is strong, sturdy and stable, providing the required sense of security for you to really enjoy swinging in the hammock. A quick google search will tell you that Larch is an abundant naturally renewable resource. You will also discover that growing on the Siberian Tundra the Larch tree is naturally resistant to very harsh elements and boring insects as it has a large amount of protective resins. This is why it has been a wood of choice for many outdoor projects

At Key West Hammocks we feel that hammocks should be fun, one thing for sure is a giant rainbow hammock in the garden will defiantly bring a little color, flare and fun to your life.