Jumbo Caribbean Hammock Cream and Wood Arc Hammock Stand


Here at Key West Hammock Company, we feel that two of the main qualities you need in a hammock to get fully relaxed are, one, the ability to place your hammock in the perfect location, and two, that your hammock should feel safe and secure which will greatly contribute to your overall sense of relaxation. If you don't have two perfectly located trees our beefy Wood Arc Hammock Stand is the perfect solution. Strong and sturdy, yet elegant and refined, constructed from four layers of steam-bent Siberian Larch wood, and bolted together with large diameter galvanized hardware. We can think of no better place to suspend your hammock. Larch is an abundant natural renewable resource. The Larch tree is found growing on the Siberian Tundra in the harshest of elements so the Larch tree is naturally resistant to very extreme conditions and wood-eating insects, Larch is known as the forever wood and has long been a prized choice for outdoor construction and furniture projects.

Of course, another contributing factor to getting completely relaxed is having the right amazingly comfortable hammock. Take a closer look at our Jumbo Caribbean Hammock. Each one is lovingly handwoven by an experienced hammock weaver, over the course of a few days, the bed is constructed with the perfect amount of stretch and flex by a skilled artisan. Our intricate micro-weave pattern will support and cradle you in comfort, as your body weight is distributed over hundreds of cords contributing to that floating-on-air sensation. Although our cord has the look and feel of cotton, it is soft-spun polyester, our hammocks are very strong and resistant to the elements. Jumbo Caribbean Hammocks are big and strong enough to hold the whole family, and spacious for two people, but we would not blame you if you wanted to hog the whole thing to yourself.

The natural cream hammock color is very elegant and classy, has the ability to match just about any color scheme, and has always been one of the top color choices for customers.