Jumbo Caribbean Recliner (DARK BLUE)

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No place to hang a hammock chair ? No Problem. Now you can have all the style and comfort of a Jumbo Caribbean Hammock Chair and put it just about anywhere.
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This product has a one-year warranty which covers workmanship and material quality. We will replace any products if found to be defective within one year of normal use. Our customer service department will be able to help you with a warranty claim. Our caribbean hammocks are made from the highest quality materials which if used correctly can last for many years. The true lifespan of a hammock absolutely depends upon on its owner. We do offer a 1-year satisfaction guarantee which covers manufacturing defects. If within one year of shipment the hammock has a flaw due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace the item. We reserves the right to make the final decision to replace the hammock. Whether the hammock is used indoors or outdoors, we do not cover damages caused by tampering, misuse, acts of God, attacks by animals, plant life, careless treatment, glass, fire, articles of clothing, improper cleaning, neglect, misuse, mildew, or prolonged exposure to winter weather.

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Extended Information

Siberian Larch Wood
300lb capacity
60 inched wide x 48 inches deep
Strong, stable and beautiful

100 percent polyester
Large size
Tight weave
Thick end cords
Metal rings