Jumbo Caribbean Hammock RAINBOW

Relieve your stress and rejuvenate yourself while relaxing in Jumbo Caribbean Hammock.

Indulge in pure bliss with the Jumbo Caribbean Hammock, recognized as one of the world's most comfortable. Hand-woven by skilled artisans using our signature three-ply, feather-soft polyester cords, it cradles you in cloud-like luxury. Unlike cotton, this weather-resistant polyester ensures you can bask in the sun or breeze without worry.

Sturdy tropical hardwood spreader bars, gleaming with marine spar varnish, frame each end, exuding island vibes even in your backyard. Fifty-two thick end cords with just the right amount of give, evenly distribute your weight, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort.

Rest assured, our industry-leading, oversized zinc-plated o-rings provide unwavering safety for up to 500 pounds. With over two decades of hammock-making wisdom, we use only the finest materials to craft hammocks that withstand the test of time and the elements.

This spacious haven is a solo sanctuary, a luxurious twosome retreat, or a family-sized cuddle puddle. So, spread out in blissful solitude or share the joy with loved ones, knowing you're nestled in the embrace of the world's most relaxing hammock.

And did we mention the rainbow color? A burst of vibrant cheer, it's guaranteed to lift your spirits and turn your backyard into a tropical paradise.

This isn't just a hammock; it's an invitation to surrender to pure relaxation.


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Carrying Capacity

With its large dimensions and weight capacity of 500 lbs, the Jumbo Caribbean Hammock is luxurious and spacious for one, roomy for a couple, and capable of holding a small family, including the dog. We also highly recommend the Jumbo hammock for commercial situations such as hotels, resorts, and guest houses.

Weave Style

The secret to the unsurpassed comfort of the Jumbo Caribbean Hammock is our micro-weave bed. We use over ten times as much cord as a typical rope hammock, spreading your weight over a much larger surface area. The micro-weave will stretch and flex around the occupant, making a perfect pocket of comfort and also opening up for air circulation.

Hand Woven

Each Jumbo Caribbean Hammock is a work of art, lovingly handwoven over about twenty hours. Our all-woman workforce has years of experience and knows exactly how to make a perfectly balanced hammock.

Weather Resistant

We use soft-spun polyester cords, tropical hardwood spreader bars coated with marine varnish, and zinc-plated O-rings to make our hammocks weatherproof so you can leave them outdoors for the entire hammock season. Please store indoors for wintertime.

Product Details

Bed width: 55 Inches
Bed Length: 7.5 Ft
Total Length: 13 Ft
Length of Bar: 55 Inches
Number of Suspension Cords: 52
Required minimum Distance: 13 Ft
Required minimum Height: 4 Ft
Carrying capacity: 500 lbs
Material: Soft Spun Polyester


Fortunately, hanging a Jumbo Caribbean Hammock is more of an art than it is a science; things don't have to be exact. All you need is two solid points that are 13 or more feet apart and 4 feet or higher from the ground. If you are having problems working it out just send us a text or call 305-293-0008 and our hammock experts will be happy to assist you.



Without a doubt, the best place to hang a hammock is between two trees. Look for trees that are sturdy and have been in the ground for a couple of years. They should be 13 or more feet apart. Any extra distance can be made up with rope or chain. We have different hanging kits in our Accessories section, if you have any doubts give us a call 305-293-0008.


You will need a good-sized porch to hang a Jumbo Caribbean Hammock. You can drill into 2x4’s or larger dimension lumber. A better option could be a hammock stand, like our Wood Arc Hammock Stand. Or check into our Mayan style hammocks that do not have the wood spreader bars, so they fit into much tighter spaces.


Two posts in the ground are the perfect place to hang a hammock. If the posts are already in the ground they need to be a minimum of 13 feet apart and 4 feet tall. If you are going to put the posts in yourself we recommend that you go about 14 feet apart and 5 feet tall, this will give you some leeway and adjustment for the perfect hang.


An Arbor or Gazebo is an amazing place to hang a hammock as the roof above you will provide a little shade from the sun or protection from the rain. Look for two posts that are 13 or more feet apart. We recommend our Basic Hammock Suspension Kit that you will find in our accessories department. If you have any doubts call or text 305-293-0008


The great thing about a hammock stand is that it allows you to put your hammock anywhere. On the porch, by the pool, or angled to take in that fantastic view. We have two high-quality stands, one metal and one wood. You can find them in our Hammock Stands department.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Beverly Russell
Old Lady

This is the second rainbow hammock I've bought and the third hammock. It is so colorful, SOFT! And comfortable I would never buy from anyone else.
This company cares, they are above reproach, pay attention to details and it's been a pure pleasure doing business with them!

35. Leah Burgess
Hammock Heaven

I ordered the olive hammock and was not disappointed. It is beautiful and well made. The spreader bar is dark stained wood and nice quality. The hammock fits perfectly with my universal hammock stand, is bigger than I expected and very luxurious. Just what the doctor ordered. Ahhh.....

34. Neal Underwood

This hammock is amazing!!!! Relaxing for one or two, strong enough for a group of kids to use and abuse. I tell everyone about this hammock. Material is soft, and it's super hard to flip. I just love this thing!!!

30. Anita Goodwin
The Most Amazingg Hammock Ever!!!!!!

First rate product quality and comfort. I am more than pleased with my purchase. If possible I'd add more than 5 stars for the outstanding customer service. I had a minor issue that Caribbean addressed without hesitation and within 1 hour. This is world class!!

32. Ignacio Wilson
best hammock you can buy

Fantastic hammock, Beautifully done! Only issue is the puppies loved it more than we did and ate it! So I'm ordering a new one. Worth the money

27. Andre Goodwin
Very comfortable but us caution buying a stand.

Very soft and big enough for two. I'm 6'4 225lbs and my wife is petite but we have plenty of room and it's very comfortable. But if you order a stand it should be a 12' stand, I ordered a 15' stand and had to make a trip to Lowes to make a home made adjustable chain to make it fit on the longer frame. Other than that very pleased.

26. Stanley Welch
Hammock Heaven!

Who wouldn't want one of these if you live in Hawaii near the beach! I love absolutely love it! It's big and comfortable. The crochet work on this is good quality. The standard black metal stand I bought from Lowe's is super ugly next to this beautiful bright good-looking hammock. I recommend getting the all wood arch hammock stand they sell here.

29. Sherman Garza
Beautiful and comfy

It’s beautiful, comfortable and I hope it’s durable. Just bought for our patio and it looks fantastic. We’re having a great time enjoying the lake view laying on this hammock.

28. Ralph Gray
Awesome hammock

This is a great hammock, I highly recommend it. It's very strong, and comfortably holds two large/heavy adults. I love that is has a very tight weave, so it feels more like laying on fabric, unlike some hammocks where you get up and have rope impressions on your backside. Yellow color is gorgeous.