Guide to Choosing the Correct Size and Style of Mayan Hammock

Mayan Hammocks are all individually hand woven, so like any hand made products they are not all the same, in fact Mayan hammocks vary in size quite considerably. When we purchase a Mayan hammock from the hand weaver in Merida, Mexico, we pay for it by the weight of the material used to weave the hammock. Therefore on and all other web sites the measurements for Mayan hammocks are all approximations. We go to great lengths to make sure you get the appropriate hammock for your needs and to this end we suggest that you use our written description of the size as a guideline.

Medium Mayan Hammocks are designed to be compact, there is just enough room for one person, they will fit into tight spaces as close as 9 feet or more apart, medium Mayan Hammocks are a good choice for backpackers, campers or hikers. They will carry about 300lbs.

Large Mayan Hammocks are roomy for one person but cozy for two medium size people (cozy means just enough room for two medium size people). They can be hung in spaces 10 feet or more apart. Although a large Mayan hammock will hold two close friends it is still best enjoyed alone. They can carry up to 500lbs.

XXL Mayan Hammocks are very luxurious for one person, and there is plenty of room for two people to relax and spread out, they can hold a whole family. Hanging distance is typically around 10.5 feet or more. They can carry in excess of 800lbs.

XXL Thick Cord Mayan Hammocks have approximately the same size and dimensions as the XXL Mayan Hammocks, but they are woven from a thicker, more robust cotton cord that wont snag, pull or break as easily as the regular Mayan hammocks, this makes it a great choice for families with kids, party people that entertain, or someone who occasionally wants to leave the hammock out in the elements.

Caribbean Mayan Hammocks are family sized woven from soft-spun polyester cords that will not snag, break, rot, mold or mildew. They can be left outside in the sun and rain. Perfect for families with kids, party environments. All the comfort of a cotton Mayan hammock with none of the necessary care. Typically, a Caribbean Mayan Hammock will last up to 10 times longer than a traditional cotton Mayan.

The general rules of thumb when ordering a Mayan hammock are to purchase the largest one that you can afford without going over your budget or exceeding the size limitations of the area you are going to use, larger Mayan hammocks are always going to be more comfortable than smaller ones. For the average consumer Caribbean Mayans are the strongest, most robust hammocks and can represent the best value for money in the long term.

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