All Hammocks are good, but some are better than others.

Our soft-spun polyester cords are specifically manufactured for use in hammock weaving. Precision three-ply twisted to give the perfect amount of stretch and flex. They are soft like cotton but much more robust and weather resistant, in fact, they could last about ten times longer outdoors than similar cotton cords. They are also super strong and almost unbreakable, designed to hang outdoors through the hammock season and stand up to the rigors of family use and inclement weather with no worries.

Some hammock cords are too thin, while thin cord hammocks are comfortable. They are also very easy to snag on a button or sharp object and pull the hammock weave out of shape or even worse break rendering the hammock pretty much useless.  Also, thin cord hammocks are unable to withstand the rigors of kids playing, family pets, or parties. These thin cords break easily and require a lot of caution and care. As much as we do love the comfort of thin cord hammocks we believe that hammocks should also be strong and robust enough to withstand normal family use. These thin cord hammocks are best left to hardcore hammock aficionados.

We feel that the old-fashioned Rope Hammocks are not really as comfortable as we would like. The thick ropes dig into your skin and are not really soft enough to lay on. Thick ropes can leave rope waffle marks or even rope burns on sensitive skin. In most rope hammocks the quantity of rope is very little not really providing enough surface area to distribute your weight over, instead of feeling weightlessness you feel like you are being strained through your hammock. If you have kids or dogs the holes in the hammock are large enough for limbs or paws to fall through.

Quilted hammocks are our least favorite, they soak up rain like a sponge, they have no air circulation, they catch the wind like a sail and lastly, they are unbalanced and unstable, in fact the only benefit we see with a quilted hammock is that manufacturers can machine make them in the hundreds per day making their lives so much easier.

Camping hammocks made from parachute rip-stop nylon are absolutely amazing  for people on the move, camping, backpacking, Rv ing, or chilling on a sailboat. Camping hammocks are very comfortable, but when it comes to a more permanent installation around your home we feel like they may not have the quality appearance you are looking for, and that the ripstop nylon is not weather or UV-resistant enough.