What is a Mayan Hammock and how does it compare to an American Style Hammock.

A Mayan hammock refers to the hammocks that originated from the Maya civilization that inhabited the area that today comprises southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. These indigenous people are believed to be the first to weave and use hammocks, dating back over one thousand years. In this hot and tropical area, the hammock was prized as a bed as it provided good air circulation and a way to catch the cooling breeze. It also got native people off the ground away from snakes, scorpions, and other biting insects.

Still today in the Yucatan area of Mexico the descendants of the Mayans can be found weaving these incredible, comfortable works of craft. Although the materials have evolved from ancient cactus fibers to cotton and modern synthetic fibers, the methods and techniques of weaving have remained the same. 

Mayan hammocks are considered by hammock aficionados to be some of the world’s most comfortable. The secret to their comfort is the sheer number of thin cords and the signature diamond weave pattern. The combination of these techniques creates a massive surface area that evenly distributes the weight. Reclining in a Mayan hammock is often compared to floating on a cloud.

In the hammock industry these days the term Mayan Hammock is used to refer to all hammocks that do not have wood-spreader bars at either end, regardless of their origin. The other type of hammock would be the American style hammock that incorporates wood spreader bars and typically much thicker ropes. Contrary to popular belief hammocks without wood bars are more stable and much more comfortable to use.

Another difference between a Mayan and an American Hammock is that the Mayans are hung from slightly higher suspension points and loosely in that classic ‘ banana ‘ shape, while the American hammock is pulled tight and flat.

Mayan Hammocks are best enjoyed solo, or shared with a very close friend.  When shared the natural cocooning effect of the Mayan hammock will push your bodies together, If your idea of hammock bliss is to be snuggled up with a loved one the Mayan hammock may be perfect for you.

Our Caribbean Mayan Hammock is a modern take on the classic Mayan, retaining the signature comfort and style but with many upgrades. We use our proprietary soft-spun polyester which is thicker, stronger, and unbreakable. We suspend the bed of the hammock with our heavy-duty end cords and finish with our jumbo-sized zinc-plated o-rings. In short, our Caribbean Mayan Hammock is designed to provide you with years of unsurpassed comfort, while surviving through parties, children playing, teenagers, dogs and cats, and anything the weather will throw at it.

Whichever style of hammock you choose, one thing is guaranteed, it is sure to become a favorite place to hang out, and the origin of countless happy memories.