Here is the quickest and easiest way I know how to hang your hammock chair or swing from the branch of a tree. You will some braided nylon rope and a 3-inch s-hook, I prefer the 8mm climbing rope and the stainless steel s-hooks. The s-hooks should be available at your local hardware store, The climbing rope may be a little harder to find but you can use any good quality braided nylon rope.

Take the rope and fold it in half down the middle so you have the looped end and two ends dangling. Pass the looped end over the branch of the tree. Pass the two dangling ends through the loop and then cinch the rope tight around the branch. It is very important that you choose a sturdy and healthy branch and check it each time before you use the hammock chair.

Tie the easiest knot you know at approximately the height you would like to hang the chair, and drop the 3-inch s-hook behind this knot. Now all that remains is to hook the hammock chair into the s-hook. Sit, relax, and enjoy.