The Hammock Chair is one of the newest and best innovations in the world of hammocks. While the full size hammock has been with us for thousands of years the hammock chair has only been around for approximately twenty five. No one knows exactly who invent the hammock chair, but it originates in the countryside of Nicaragua. It’s a safe bet that some enterprising young hammock weaver was laying in his hammock looking at the stars and pondering the fine art of relaxation when he first had this revolutionary notion.
Part of the universal appeal of the hammock chair is that it is so easy to hang, for a full sized hammock you need two suspension points, two trees, two posts ect ect but for a hammock chair you only need one. The hammock chair hangs great under the branch of a sturdy tree, from the front or back porch, or even inside your house. Its this versatility that enables the hammock chair to be a feature in smaller loft apartments, students dorms and kids bedrooms. Also the savvy shopper can find a hammock chair for half the price of a full size Rope Hammock.
The Hammock chair comes in many designs from great companies like Outback Chair Company, Eagles Nest Outfitters, who also make great camping hammocks and Algoma Hammocks, a company that been around for over one hundred years. Which ever one you choose we would suggest the following essential accessories to accent your hammock chair, a swing mate spring to give you some bounce, a three hundred and sixty degree swivel that allows for full rotation, and for your safety will never come undone from the ceiling, and some steel chain and hooks to correctly adjust the height. All this hardware can be found in one easy kit, now all you have to do is supply a great book. To hang your chair from the branch of a tree all your going to need is a length of rope.
The Caribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair stays true to the original Nicaraguan hammock chair design, but it has been upgraded with a four foot wide tropical hard wood spreader bar for ample shoulder room, the spreader has been coated multiple times with marine varnish to protect it from the elements. We added an extra long footrest so you can really stretch out, and the body of the chair is woven from soft-spun polyester so it wont rot, mold or mildew. With all these added details its probably the most luxurious and comfortable hammock chair on the market today. Customer reviews of the Caribbean Jumbo Hammock chair have been consistently in the 4 to 5 star range since the introduction of this quality product.
The hammock chair design that started the craze in the USA is the Original Sky Chair. Invented as a university design project by an 18 year old member of the Anderson family in 1973. The Anderson family members went on to hand make and promote their original design at Renaissance Fairs across the USA, and It quickly became one of the most popular hammock chair designs. Through all their hard work inventing and tirelessly promoting the Sky Chair the one thing they forgot to do was patent the design, so now many other companies and brands like Air Chair, Air Chair USA , Hammaka and Outback Chair Company have very similar competing models. A recent Entrant in the race to produce the best ‘Sky Chair’ has been the brilliant Ben Lee from Green Eggs and Hammocks who invented the innovative Xchair frame to work in conjunction with his CON2OUR chair, its compact and attractive design brings air chair comfort and relaxation to just about any location.
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April 20, 2022 — KW Hammocks
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