Ledgend has it that the inspiration behind the Pawleys Island Hammock came from native South Carolinian Joshua John Ward, as a riverboat captain he probably came into contact with sailors that traveled back from Central America where hammocks originate from, Seeing the advantages of using a hammock during the hot summer Carolina nights, but not having the ability to travel thousands of miles to get his own, he set about making one from the locally available materials. As with all hammocks, as soon as someone sees you using one they immediately want their own. So Captain Josh went to work weaving rope hammocks for everyone in the region, and thus was born the original Pawleys Island Hammock.
The Pawleys Island Hammock Shop opened in the late 1800’s and they have been hand weaving hammocks there ever since. Each one is handcrafted and it has been said that the only machine in the workshop is a radio to keep the weavers entertained while working. Its been a tradition that every US president since Harry Truman has received a Pawleys Island Hammock as a gift. This Presidential Edition Pawleys Island Hammock is a few inches wider than the standard fifty five inches of a regular hammock, this size of hammock is not just reserved for the president, you can in you wish buy your own.
Over the years Pawleys island Hammock has become the standard by which all over rope hammocks are gauged, they have fifty five inch wide hard wood spreader bars treated with marine spa varnish, the rope body is hand woven from 8mm polyester or cotton rope, typically the body of the hammock about eighty two inches long, with an over all hanging distance for about thirteen feet or more. The metal hardware to hang the hammock is galvanized steel to protect it from rusting.
A few years ago the Pawleys Island Hammock brand was sold to a larger company called The Hammock Source. The Hammock Source manufactures rope hammocks branded under the names Hatteras Hammocks , Nags Head Hammocks, Captain Josh and now Pawleys Island Hammock. Chances are if you buy a Pawleys Island Hammock or Hammock Chair online or at your local big box discount store it was not woven at Pawleys Island Hammock Shop. However if you have the time to take the trip to South Carolina you can still purchase an original at the hammock shop there.
So what is the difference between all these brands of rope hammocks ? Is a Pawleys island Hammock better than another brand ? During customer or independent reviews and testing, the reviewers commented that there was no discernable difference between medium to high priced rope hammock brands, they all got good reviews over three stars. How ever they did notice a considerable decline in quality in cheaper, sub $80 models. Their recommendations for choosing a good quality rope hammock were to look for an even close weave in the rope, this promotes stability and comfort. A hardwood spreader bar no less than 55 inches wide, treated with marine varnish to protect it from the elements. And to choose polyester rope if you intend to leave the hammock outdoors for an extended period of time.
So there are plenty of great choice for rope hammocks including Pawleys Island Hammock, Nags Head Hammocks, Hatteras, Bliss Hammocks, Caribbean Rope Hammocks and Twin Oaks. They all offer a comparative level of comfort and quality for a reasonable price.
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April 20, 2022 — KW Hammocks
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