How to hang a hammock chair almost anywhere One of the wonderful things about hammock chairs is that unlike a conventional hammock you only need one hanging point instead of two. This normally gives people many more options to hang hammock chairs around their home. Hammock chairs can be hung from any standard ceiling joist, a sturdy tree branch and Gazebos or Arbors. In fact hammock chairs can be hung from just about any sturdy point that's about eight feet or higher from the ground. Be creative but remember to always be safe. Inside the house its easy to hang a hammock chair from any standard ceiling joist. Ceiling joist can be found in most homes spaced evenly every eighteen inches. Your going to need a step ladder , a stud finder, a drill with a five eights of an inch drill bit. Its also handy to have an adjustable wrench to tighten the hardware deeply into the ceiling. The safest and most efficient kit that we know for hanging hammock chairs has a swivel anchor so the hammock chair is less likely to back its way out of the ceiling with heavy use. It also contains a spring which give the hammock chair a little bounce like the suspension in your car, plus some chain to adjust the height. Hanging a hammock chair from a gazebo or arbor can be accomplished the exact same way as hanging from a joist only this time you won't need the stud finder to high lite where the beam is as it should be exposed and in plain view. From a tree limb you are looking for a sturdy branch eight feet of higher from the ground. Its easy just to take a length of rope, fold the rope in half, passed the looped end of the rope over the tree limb, tie a knot in the rope at the appropriate height and drop a three inch s-hook behind the knot to suspend the hammock chair. Hammock chair stands are available for those who have no easy or apparent location to hang the hammock chair. A hammock chair stand also give you the option to move the chairs location around your home, indoors or out, to be in the shade or the sun, or to drink in that awesome view. Other Articles about Hammock Chairs How to choose the correct size hammock chair How to hang a hammock chair almost anywhere
April 20, 2022 — KW Hammocks
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