How to choose the correct size hammock chair. 
When choosing the correct size of chair for you it is important to take a few factors into account. Firstly the location you are going to hang the hammock chair and just as importantly the approximate size and weight of the people that you expect to be using the chair. 
Most quality hammock chairs are going to need a sturdy hanging point that is at least seven and a half feet from the ground. Some of the best options are the branch of a tree, any standard ceiling joist in your house or on your porch, or one of the wood beams that make up your gazebo or lanai. Be creative, where there's a will there's a way. 
The next important thing to take into account is the expected size and weight of the occupant. Make sure the hammock chair you select is rated to hold more that the weight of anyone who maybe be expected to sit in the hammock chair. Some hammock chairs are rated for up to two hundred and ninety five pounds. The width of a hammock chair is dictated by the size of the wood spreader bar that holds the seat part open. To a large degree the width of the wood spreader bar will also contribute to the comfort of the occupant, we recommend at least 45 inches of width for the average adult, smaller people or kids can get away with about 40 inches, but this is defiantly one area where bigger is better, more shoulder room is going to give you a much more comfortable ride.
Finally do you want a hammock chair that has a built in footrest ? Most likely the answer to that is yes because its the footrest that makes a good hammock chair into a GREAT hammock chair. As a rule of thumb with hammocks and hammock chairs , bigger is always better , so we advise you get the largest hammock chair that will comfortably fit into your space. In our experience Caribbean Hammock Chairs are some of the biggest and most comfortable chairs available.

How to choose the correct size  hammock chair
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April 20, 2022 — KW Hammocks
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