Hatteras Hammocks The Hatteras Hammocks Story... For over 35 years, Hatteras Hammocks, Inc. has been recognized as a leader in providing quality hammocks and accessories to a worldwide market. This longevity and the ability to meet the needs of its customers were instilled from the very earliest days. Founder and current chairman, Walter R. Perkins Jr. started it all with a drive to be creative and improve on an idea.
In 1971, Perkins worked as a buyer for American Tobacco Company and traveled extensively throughout Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. Prior to a tobacco-buying trip along the Carolina coast, his mother asked him to bring back a hammock for her beach home. Upon returning with the hammock, Perkins, who was interested in woodworking crafts, decided to take apart the hammock and uncover its attraction. With a keen interest in how things are made and a desire to make something better, he dis- covered that this seemingly simple tool of relaxation could be improved. From that desire, Perkins began improving upon the design in many areas, from the strength of the rope to the safety of the hanging chain.
Perkins personally began selling his newly improved hammocks from the truck of his car along the North Carolina coast, and during his trips to tobacco markets throughout the south. "It was the perfect example of a hobby becoming a business," states Perkins. During the early years of business, all family members were either co-workers or customers for the newly formed Hatteras Hammocks®. With every sale and every year that passed, Perkins never lost sight of his early goals to coastally strive to make the product better and to make customer service a top priority. By 1987, Hatteras Hammocks had grown to become the largest hammock manufacturer in the world. Perkins won regional and state awards for his entrepreneurial spirit. His drive to realize his goal of providing a product that offered the finest in comfort, design, and safety had been achieved.
April 20, 2022 — KW Hammocks
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