Not only should a great outdoor hammock be extremely comfortable but it should also be durable to the elements. Until recently it has been a catch twenty-two that truly comfortable hammocks like the ones woven in the Caribbean were hand-crafted from natural cotton, if left outdoors in the elements it would not take long for these natural fibers to break down, rot, mold, or mildew. Previously if you were looking for an outdoor hammock to leave on the patio or in the garden your only practical choice would have been a polyester rope hammock like the ones from Hatteras Hammocks or Pawleys Island Hammocks, because of their durability. But the experts agree that these rope hammocks are really not the most comfortable.

Truly comfortable outdoor hammocks are a great addition to any patio, porch, or garden, they can be hung between trees, under a gazebo, or between posts in the ground. Another option for outdoor hammocks is a hammock stand With the aid of a stand your hammock becomes portable and can be placed just about anywhere, or its location can be chosen to take full advantage of the sun or the shade.

Our company’s focus is to hand weave truly comfortable and durable outdoor hammocks, hammock chairs, and porch swings. To achieve this goal we supply soft-spun polyester cords to some of the world’s best hammock weavers.  Unlike the thick uncomfortable ropes that you find on other outdoor hammocks, ours are much finer cords that are closely woven to create a luxurious, supportive bed.

The advantages of polyester over cotton for an outdoor hammock are numerous. It will not rot, mold, or mildew. It is easy to keep clean, especially if you choose a darker color like mocha or hunter green, and because the polyester cord will not hold much water it will dry quickly after rain storms. Now, with our soft-spun polyester cords our outdoor hammocks also get the most important advantage, they are amazingly comfortable.

Our collection of soft-spun polyester outdoor hammocks comes in three distinct styles.

Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks are our improvement over the traditional American Rope Hammock. Rope hammocks have long had a reputation amongst hammock aficionados as being the least comfortable.  We kept the classic American spreader bar design but replaced the thick old-fashioned ropes with ultra-comfortable soft-spun polyester woven into a tight-knit micro weave. The result is all the looks and style of an American spreader bar hammock but with a massive improvement in comfort and stability.

Caribbean Mayan Hammocks follow a more indigenous Caribbean-style hammock design. This time we beefed up the fine natural cotton cords that Mayan hammocks are woven from with our slightly thicker more durable soft-spun polyester micro weave. If, like thousands of other savvy hammock users, you love the floating-on-air sensation of a genuine Mayan hammock but would like to have the option of leaving your hammock outdoors, Caribbean Mayan Hammocks are a great choice.

Caribbean Hammocks Chairs. if you don’t have two perfectly spaced trees or are short on space, but would like to have all the comfort of a genuine Caribbean-style hammock then why not recline and put your feet up in one of our amazing Caribbean Hammock Chairs. Our unique twist on this style is a much wider spreader bar, larger seat, and longer footrest. Anyone of any size can really stretch out in this amazing hammock swing. You could even hang your chair indoors and bring the outdoor hammock experience to any room in your house.

April 20, 2022 — KW Hammocks
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