Duracord is one the newest synthetic fibers for outdoor hammocks and furniture industry, for hammocks duracord has been successfully used by companies such as Nags Head Hammocks, Hatteras Hammocks and the famous Pawleys Island Hammocks. The fiber has been twisted into three ply ropes for rope hammocks and woven into colorful fabrics for use in quilted and quick dry hammocks. The advantages that duracord offers over most other synthetic and natural fibers are that is will not rot mold or mildew, and has high UV resistant’s while maintaining a near cotton like level of comfort.
Duracord hammock rope is available in a range of non fading colors including antique brown, garnet, hunter green, costal blue and tan. The antique brown duracord hammock is the most versatile, it looks awesome in any natural setting, and its dark brown shade will not show any marks, stains or foot prints. Costal blue duracord is a great match for ocean front property or a pool side location. Hunter green is a classic color for outdoor hammocks, looking natural between trees in any backyard.
As well as in hammocks Duracord can also now be found in outdoor rugs and outdoor furniture, its no fade and stain resistant properties make it a perfect fit modern outdoor products.
Duracord ropes are specifally designed for ourdoor use, they retain all they comfort of cotton but have the durability of polyester. The ropes are formulted to not rot mold or mildew. The coloured ropes are solution dyed and are rated for thousands of hours direct sunlight without fading. An extreemly durable outdoor hammock.
Get on with comfort and leave your cares behind. DuraCord, a revolutionary new hammock rope, is designed to be colorfast while remaining as comfortable as cotton. While many colored ropes look great out of the box, they fade over a short period of time or are uncomfortable. Duracord addresses both of these problems. It will out perform other ropes by resisting color fading, mildew, and rot while remaining soft and comfortable. DuraCord hammocks also exhibit superior resistance to stains and can be cleaned if needed with bleach without fading the color. So hang your hammock, enjoy it, and forget about it. It‘s made from DuraCord. This DuraCord rope hammock is crafted in the tradition that dates back over 100 years. It is made from a continuous woven bed of three ply twisted rope with a soft comfortable construction. Spreader bars, made from solid oak for premium durability and strength, are triple dipped in marine spar varnish to remain beautiful over time.
In our customer reviews duracord products consistently are awarded 4-5 stars for its level of comfort and durability.
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April 20, 2022 — KW Hammocks
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