Caribbean Hammocks - a truly relaxing experience.
Hammocks originated 1000’s of years ago in Central America. These original hammocks evolved for relaxing in the day and sleeping comfortably over night in some of the hottest, harshest environments known to man. Over the generations the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean basin perfected the hammock designs that they are still using to this day, it’s a fact that most hammock aficionados agree that the worlds most comfortable hammocks are the hand woven varieties from the Caribbean region, and the least comfortable are the ‘rope’ hammocks made in sweat shops around the world.
Because in the Caribbean hammocks are a prized possession mostly used indoors as bed’s, they are very rarely left outdoors exposed to sun and rain that can damage the natural cotton fibers that they are woven from. Here in North America the hammock is mostly used outdoors tied between two trees from early spring to late fall, many people who have inadvertently left their cotton hammock outdoors have discovered that they only have a very limited life span due to the elements, alternatively people who have purchased synthetic ‘rope’ hammocks have rapidly discovered that they are not really as comfortable as they would have hoped, quite unstable and easy to fall out of.
Our company mission was to create hammocks that were every bit as comfortable and stable as the original Caribbean designs but with a more contemporary style, and the added advantage that they could be left outside to withstand the sun and rain. To this end we exported high quality, factory dyed soft-spun polyester cords to our team of hammock weavers, then we worked closely with them using their time honored handcrafting skills in conjunction with our North American design team to create really comfortable hammocks that can with stand the elements.
The result, Caribbean Hammocks. Hand woven by skilled artisans from soft-spun polyester cords producing an extremely comfortable hammock that can be left outside for seasons of worry free use. We have created ‘a truly relaxing experience’
April 20, 2022 — KW Hammocks
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