Porch swings have long been a staple item on front and back porches all over America. What better way to enjoy the summer time outdoors in your garden than to relax and sip a cool drink on a swing. Over the years the porch has developed as an outside family room; a place for discussions, stories, games and songs. The porch also fosters a sense of community, encouraging interaction with friends and neighbors as they stop by to visit.
Any good quality porch swing may last for generations.  In fact many families are still using the same swing that was installed by their father, grandfather or in some cases great grandfather, its this longevity that makes a porch swing a fine investment at any price, but if you are handy at woodworking, plans for building your own swing are easily available online for $10 to $20.
When you add a porch swing to your outdoor furniture collection it quickly becomes the most prized seat in the garden.  Children will race each other to stake their claim, mom and dad will share a quiet moment together and grand parents find a peaceful place to read a book or the paper. The slow swinging motion will relax you, slow your pulse and ease away the stresses of the day.
A swing is easy to support outdoors from any patio ceiling or a sturdy branch on a tree.  If you can't find a secure place on the patio, you can always use a portable swing stand which will also give you the added advantage of being able to place it anywhere in the garden. When placed in the perfect position, a porch swing gives you the ultimate perch from which to take in the vista, be it waterfront, mountains , hills or valleys the gentle rocking motion will enhance the view.
Many people hang a porch swing to enhance the decorative values of their home.  It looks so inviting on the front porch, under a gazebo or tree.  You can gain almost as much enjoyment from looking at it as you can from using it. And a well placed porch swing is sure to make you the envy of the neighborhood.
The classic American porch swing is usually constructed of hard wood like Cedar and Cypress or some of them are woven from wicker and rattan but in our collection we have incorporated a few very unique twists, firstly we have replaced the hard ridged wooden boards that most swings are made from with soft and comfortable woven hammock ropes just like the ones on a Pawleys Island hammock, this elevates the comfort to a level that defies description.  Then we added a footrest so you can really stretch out and we also incorporated an easy adjustment for angle so now you can recline while you have your feet up, our models come in both single and double version so you have the choice to share with a close friend or just hog one all to yourself.
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April 20, 2022 — KW Hammocks
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