We love that our hammocks have provided millions of priceless moments for thousands of American families.

1. Enjoying Nature.
Having a hammock waiting for you in the garden with its enticing look and promise of relaxation will encourage you to spend more time outdoors. You will see the clouds rolling by, the birds flying, and all that nature offers. You will breathe in fresh, quality air. See the breeze in the trees and feel it on your skin. The sun's rays will warm you, stimulating vitamin production and resetting your circadian rhythms.
2. Spending Quality Time with Others.
When you share a hammock or porch swing with a close friend or a loved one, the rest of the world seems to disappear. As the swaying motion works its magic on you, your focus will be on each other. It is the perfect time for intimate moments and peaceful conversation. A place for families to chat and share stories of the past and pass down the family legends. It's a place for romance where the young fall in love and create the legends of the future. A place for children to play, producing lifelong memories of  ' Grandpa's hammock ' at the beach house.
3. Slowing Down and Having a Moment to Think.
The world is a busy and hectic place where it seems that everything and everyone is vying for our attention. The hammock is a place to escape this constant barrage and overload of information, it gives you a space and a moment to clear your mind and clarify your thoughts. When everything seems too much and you need a moment to decompress and get your mind together, retreat to the hammock, get rejuvenated, and be ready to tackle life on your terms.
4. Health Benefits.
Everyone knows the health benefits of taking a good nap. Many health experts agree that the most comfortable position for sleeping is lying on your back with your head slightly elevated, just as you would in a hammock, as this opens your airways for breathing and encourages good blood circulation. Also, when you spread your body across the surface of the hammock you can relieve all the pressure points and take the stress off your bones and joints. The gentle swaying motion will decrease your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.
5. Enjoying Your Property.
Many people have their hammock at the beach or lake house, the place they go to relax, a hammock makes the perfect addition to any vacation home, after all it is the place you go to relax. However, if you are not lucky enough to have a second property, you can bring all the same feelings of being on vacation to your home by installing a hammock. 
August 05, 2023 — Paul Ashwell

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